EAP Research Collective

I am now a member of the Enironmental Arts Practice Research Collective based in Dorset. More information can be foun on the blog: https://eapresearchcollective.wordpress.com/

My first post documents my journey to Airton Freinds meeting house, Scotton Drive EP launch by David Littler and my performance of my new peice Soliloquy for cello and electronics written as part of my recent Developing Your Practice Research Grant from Arts Council England.

photo by David Littler 2019, Airton Meeting House

The Feral Cello

I have been performing my new piece Gemmeleg for ‘cello and electronics on the Feral Cello, at various festivals around Europe with Tom Davis.

PastedGraphic-1.pngphoto taken at SMC, Helsinki July 2017 courtesy of Simon Waters.

NIME, Copenhagen, SMC Helsinki, and Noisefloor UK.


Currently working on a composition for the Feral Cello, an augmented instrument with live processing in collaboration with Dr.Tom Davis (with support from Bournemouth University). UK premier at Noisefloor 2017.