I have now uploaded a link to the short film of the micro opera DETRITUS music by me and words by librettist Oge Nwosu on Vimeo. You can find the link here:

The performance took place at St. Pancras International Station, 8th March 2022 featuring Blaise Malaba (Bass) and solo violin by Anna Bleuvich from Casco Phil. The event was part of Lost and Found, Trains and Tracks part of Europalia Festival. Commissioned by The Royal Opera House.

Thanks to an Arts Council Developing my Cultural Practice award in 2021 I was able to gain experience and support from mentors such as Gweneth Anne Rand, coaching from Angharad Cooper and project management skills from Gillian Taylor to enable me to gain this amazing opportunity. Special thanks go to the team at Engender (ROH) the JPYAP (ROH) Casco Phil. Curated Place, Europalia Festival, Muziektheater Transparent.

Listening to the sand dunes

Since January 2021 I have been collaborating with Dynamic Dunescapes, National Trust and members of EAP research collective to work on making a sound walk to raise awareness of the national Dynamic Dunescapes project.

More information can be found on this link:

This has then transformed into a live event as part of the Planet Purbeck Festival, and I will be presenting my original compositions and interviews along with Adrian Newton, and Environmental Scientist who has made hidden environmental sounds, and Matt Shaw whose poems and sound scapes combine to make a unique listening experience on Thursday 23rd September.

Dynmamic Dunescapes

I was fortunate to meet Julia Galbenu who works for Dynamic Dunescapes, and is based at Studland, Dorset (National Trust) in January, with the Environmental Arts Practice Research group in January, over Zoom. Since then we have been collaborating with various members of the group to make work connected to the  Dynamic Dunescapes national project ‘rejuvenating some of England & Wales’ most important sand dunes for people, communities and wildlife’. Tom Clarke (National Trust Studland and EAP member).

Collaborations I have been involved with include a geo located walk using Echoes XYZ software, that can be downloaded on mobile phones and devices using an app which takes you on a walk, where at various locations you can hear sounds, including hidden environmental sounds and interviews and music aimed at highlighting the dunes biodiversity and ways to keep the dunes healthy and dynamic for future generations.

This Thursday September 23rd 2021 Adrian, Lynn, Matt and I will be hosting a live sound-walk to accompany this virtual sound walk, with live sound and real time listening, along with pre-recorded sounds. Part of Planet Purbeck to raise environmental issues join us at 2pm or 4.30pm on Studland and visit the website for more information and tickets.

Studland Beach, Dorset 2021

Music in The Galleries

I am thrilled to have been chosen as one of the composers to write new music for the Royal Albert Memorial Museum and Art Gallery in Exeter. More details can be found here. I will be composing a peice for String Quartet and Tabla. Inspired by the Icthyosaur fossil in the museum. Commissioned by Devon Philharmonic orchestra as part fo the COMA festival 2020.

More details to follow, but really excited to be working on this new project!

The Woman in The Winged Chair

I performed new work for cello and live electronics at Richmond Adult College concert in October 2019. A collaboration with U3A writers group at the college, in aid of the Portcullis Trust. The concert Age / less was with Richmond New Music Collective where I was invited to collaborate with the participants on new work exploring the themes of ageing for the concert.

My work featured a sound recording of poem called “The Woman in the Winged Chair” by Jean Lambert, along with pre-recorded and live processed sounds with visuals by Amy Reid.

line drawing by Amy Reid 2019.