It all began with a meeting before lockdown, literally the day before things all shut down in March 2020. I met with Lorna Rees (Goddledegook Theatre) and Dr.Anjana Khatwa, Earth Scientist at The Lighthouse Poole, to listen and discuss Lorna’s ideas and research into her new project Geophonic. Fast forward nearly 18 months, a pandemic and a few lockdowns, and I got to see the final work. Along with many other fabulous collaborators in music, sound, set and striking costumes, I was asked to compose original music to represent the water cycle. I had an initial idea in my head of a small musical motif of two notes, and I wanted these notes to grow into an epic swell, resembling the flow of water from a small stream, a tributary of the river Simeme, located on site at The Symondsbury Estate following the ebb and flow of the river, ending in crashing waves onto the Dorset beaches beyond.

I recorded both river and sea sounds to weave into instrumental layers of strings to create a sound composition to accompany and augment Lorna’s sound walk. You can hear it here on soundcloud, but it was great hearing it on site today (24 September 2021), with the specially commissioned “Geophones”, large metal sculptures that amplify the natural and pre-recorded sounds with great theatrical effect. Check out the fabulous review in The Guardian.

The accompanying podcast by Jo Tyler featuring Dr Anjana Khatwa gives real context check out all the amazing collaborators and credits here:

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