Soliloquy – DYCP

I have a new recording available on soundcloud of cello and electronics Soliloquy. This piece was developed as part of my Developing Your Cultural Practice (DYCP) grant funded by Arts Council England 2018 – 19.

This time has been an amazing opportunity for me to work on developing my practice as a composer; getting training, mentoring and coaching to enable me to develop my work. My mentor Sadie Harrison has been an expert guide and support through this journey, helping me to complete new work for string quartet and tabla, piano and electronics and cello and live processing. My coach Harry Cooper, has helped me identify blocks and barriers to my work, and find ways round things that now seem molehills when they were mountains. I feel so lucky to have benefitted from this new fund and have completed new work for cello and performed this live in April in Airton at the Scotton Drive EP Launch with David Littler:

link to video

More performances are scheduled for this set up, as part of BEAF. I am using DSP plugins in ableton live, developed with Tom Davis, who I collaborate with at Bournemouth University, on his feral cello project – finding new ways to work with machine listening technology.

My outcomes from this development time also include a new audio commission for the Dorset Moon, Celestial Bodies premiered in Bournemouth Gardens, and Weymouth Nothe Fort. My piano pieces Constellations are being premiered at Borough Music festival in the Autumn 2019. I am so thankful to everyone who has supported me in this period of development and finding new ways of working and gaining inner confidence.

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