DYCP – Arts Council funded project

Now coming to the end of my ACE funded research and development time, I am so grateful for having time to reflect and learn new skills. Big thanks to all who have supported me in this process: My mentor Sadie Harrison who has guided me through this journey. Harry Cooper who has coached me through barriers and blocks to my process. Tom Davis who has collaborated and supported with his technical skills. Susanna Eastburn and Richard Whitelaw who helped support my application. The lovely Jessica Cheetham who helped secure the funding and provided support in the writing process and evaluation. All the lovely practitioners I got to work with and meet including : Lorna Rees, Jane Pitt and David Littler.

I finished work for cello and electronics, performed live at several events, completed work for String Quartet and Tabla, and piano music, worked on my technical skills, learnt Ableton, went on outdoor arts course, developed new web skills and met lots of new people. I also spent time at the lovely Spud works in Sway to take time out and reflect on the time spent learning and developing. Thanks to everyone who helped me in this ! Now on to exciting new projects…

Supported by Arts Council England, Sound and Music, The Arts Development Company, and Activate Performing Arts.

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